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O: Your movie is out! Since November 2nd.

Y: Right!

O: Bashauma-san to big mouth.

Y: It started~

O: It was released yesterday.

Y: Yes~

O: Also, it’s your first leading role in a movie.

Y: Yes!

O: Everything’s a first right? It’s also your first time appearing in a movie.

Y: Right, it’s the first time that I play in a movie just by myself [without the other members]

O: Ah right, with Kanjani8 you appeared in Eight Ranger.

Y: Exactly, I was in Eight Ranger, but as a single person it’s my first leading role in a movie.

O: So… what are you going to do? With the movie being released and all. Are you going to see it?

Y: Well, you know, I am a bit unsure about that.

O: Do you want to go see it?

Y: Yes!

O: To find out how the audience will react to the movie?

Y: Yes, exactly.

O: What would be the best thing to do then?

Y: Well I can’t go alone, so I think I can only go see it when someone takes me there.

O: Okay..

Y: You know by someone… the following is my ideal… going to lunch together and after it being like “Let’s go see the movie together” Plus.. it would be great if that person would be around 180cm tall and be in the same group as me..

O: … That’d be me.

Y: Yes, exactly.

O: You’re beating around the bush!!

Y: Hahahaha

O: It’s okay if we go together! But it would be so embarrassing if we’d get caught together [by the fans]

Y: True that.

O: There will be lots of fans, so let’s make it clear right now. If Yasuda-kun and I will be going to see the movie, please let us watch it without interrupting us. [Subtext: leave us the frick alone lol]

Y: Ah, yes.

O: Right?

Y: [With that] It will be easier going to see the movie.

O: Also, I do want to see the movie in the cinema.

Y: Yes~

O: With this being said… let’s go if we can!

Y: Yes, please!

k8's women preferences, as told by tabloid magazines

  • yasu:

    girls that play guitars

  • ohkura:

    toma's sloppy seconds, b-list models

  • ryo:

    mixed models, tall women, a list actresses (who are taller than him)

  • hina:


  • yoko:

    women over the age of 40

  • subaru:

    basic a-typical girls with questionable breast sizes

  • maru:


  • maru's dad tho:

    women younger than his own son

  • loooool, gosh... "toma's sloppy seconds" "nothing" "women younger than his own sons"

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